Well, not really an overlay, but an entire HeroQuest board. Here you can download a 200 dpi version of a HeroQuest gameboard with two-space hallways. Just get it printed out in the following dimensions:

86.14 cm by 68.14 cm

…and put a self-adhesive transparent foil for protection over it. You get a brilliant gameboard with more action than you can imagine!!

To download, right-click on the picture and select: “Save as”

Some Overlays… Special Thanks to Ron Shirtz, who gave permission to alter a few things for my quests. Thanx, Ron, you did a marvelous job!

The following overlays are “to be turned”, when a certain switch is pulled or another trigger has been activated. Print them on two sides, and turn in case of the even

The throne of the Witch-Lord: Especially adapted to meet the requirements of a 3 x 3 board.

Another center room… just some stone

Some 4 by 4 overlays from a selfwritten quest