HeroQuest Miniatures

Hi everybody. Recently I made a few pictures of my 2008 range of monsters. I am gonna use this thread to present my miniatures I use for HQ. First of all, I made a little group picture to introduce you to my dungeon. I am sorry, that I couldn’t persuade the monsters to be more fiendly, but such is life, or not ?


Greenskins and Fimirs

These are the actual greenskins (and their pets like spiders and squigs) I am using.

I know, that Fimirs are no greenskin at all, and they have nothing to with Orc & Goblins, but I did not know where else to put them..

All miniatures have been painted by my wife “Kelis” and me.







Orc marksmen:Bild


missing, they follow later



These are the actual undead creatures we are using. The wraith miniatures are from the D&D Boardgame, skeletons and Zombies are WHFB miniatures only the mummies are original HQ.

All miniatures have been painted by my wife “Kelis” and me.


Skeleton warriors:Bild





These are the actual chaos monsters we are using. All miniatures are WHFB miniatures from the actual range.

Gors and Ungors have been painted by me, the chaosknights have been painted by Xarres and the marauders have been painted by Yo-Shi.


Beastmen, Ungors:Bild

Beastmen, Gors:Bild

Chaos Marauders:Bild

Chaos Knights:Bild

Ogre, Gargoyles, Trolls, Demons und Dragons

The ogre miniatures are assembled with bitz from the actual GW ogres. The weaponarms and heads have been glued to the original HeroQuest ogre:Bild

I like the gargole painted in stone for he is a stone statue:Bild

The trolls are from some boardgame I can’t remember in english:Bild

I really like to play the lesser demons because of their flying and fireball rules.Bild

Also the origin of my dragon is unknown to me.Bild

Evil Mage, Waaaghbosses and other bad guys

…maybe later


…maybe later