New Heroquest online Tool!

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New Heroquest online Tool!

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Hallo, Everybody!
bitte verzeihen Sie mir mein Mangel an Deutsch.
I have created an online, collaborative, sheet that you can use to manage your Heroes, enemies, and even build your own rules to enhance Heroquest. The automation I made in the sheet should make player management easy, shareable with your players (no more learning over to see your buddy's Hero sheet), and is view able by Zargon/Mocar.

All I ask is that you save your own copy to your own google sheets/drive so that when you make changes, it doesn't mess with the main published sheet. Your fellow players will be able to access your version directly from google sheets, and adjust/see real time the other Heroes' stats and items.
Here is the link to the folder, where I will add new versions of the sheet as more feedback comes in from you guys!

If someone is wanting a Deutsch version of the sheet, I will happily accept all translations given to me.

Please spread this to any of your fellow Heroquest fans, and please submit feedback; I'd really like to make this sheet even better as time progresses!
Not gonna lie, this was a labor of love, and I probably spent too much of my life on it, but DAMN am I proud.
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Thanks for checking it out and keeping this game alive!