A cooperative site by: Flint, Derrob, Bluma96 , Zombie, Slev and Açoriano3
Site last: updated: August 1st, 2014.

The HQ-Cooperation was founded in 2003 by Flint, Derrob and Bluma96. These three joined forces to develop new material that would enhance their beloved game, HeroQuest. They focused primarily on rule adjustments, new monsters, Quest books, and anything else that would expand their gaming experience.

Zombie joined the group in March 2006 by contributing addenda to the rules along with his amazing dungeon boards and arrangements. The beautiful pictures and images he has provided serve to enhance the site's HQ atmosphere.

In January 2008, Flint chose to make HQ-Modular available to non-German speakers and enlisted the help of two English speakers from both sides of the Atlantic--Slev (Manchester, UK) for his unprecedented knowledge of Warhammer terminology and British English and Açoriano3 (Utah, US) for his editing expertise and extreme attention to detail. Together, these two have cleaned up the English content and are responsible for the English section of the HQ-Cooperation.

Important: The content from this site is for personal use only! Any commercial use or distribution of such content is strictly prohibited.

The selling of this content via internet auction will thus be prohibited by the rules of the auction company and will be announced by us immediatly.

To the Forum of the German HeroQuest Community

Bitte hier klicken um den deutschen Inhalt zu erreichen


- More detailed information for purchasing HQ-M moulds (yes, we STILL make them :) )

- Fimir Spells added to the download section

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